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Food salt for food industry

Salt as a seasoning has a significant effect on the taste, smell and appearance of most of the dishes. It also provides food sustainability as it acts like a natural food preservative. We recommend evaporated food salt and food rock salt to food industry plants. Both types of salt are used in baking, meat industry, dairy, fat industry, processing of fruits and vegetables and spices. The choice of the type of salt depends on individual needs of food producers.

Evaporated salt is fine, uniform, of white color. It is obtained in the process of evaporation and crystallization of brine. In the production process evaporated salt is cleansed of most micronutrients naturally found in seams of salt. Its advantage is the lack of sediment, when dissolved in water.

Rock salt contains many valuable natural elements necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. Salt mining is based on traditional methods. Next salt is subjected to mechanical treatment - crushing and grinding and then sorting. Due to this method the obtained salt is in a wide range of graining as it can be both fine and coarse grained.

We also recommend you curing salt - a mixture of salt with sodium nitrite, which is used in the meat industry, and is used for curing meat. Curing salt influences the color, rich taste and aroma effectively. And what is most important it extends sustainability of meat and meat products.