Nitrite curing salt


  • Curing salt mixture of salt with sodium nitrite NaNO2 (E 250)
  • Curing salt can be produced from evaporated or rock salt
  • On request, we use various content of sodium nitrite dependent on needs of meat producers


  • Na Cl min.98%
  • Sodium nitrite (E250) 0.5-0.6% (standard content)
  • Anticaking agent (E536) less than 10mg/kg
  • pH 6-8%


  • It is used for curing meat
  • It is used as a meat preservative
  • Effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Preserves pink color of cured meat
  • Gives a rich flavor and aroma qualities to cured meat
  • Curing salt is not intended for direct human consumption


  • 25 kg plastic bag,


  • The product should be stored in a dry place


  • Unlimited

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