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Salt for other industries

Along with designing and launching new products the range of industries in which salt can be used is growing. There are very few plants that do not buy salt. The chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries are especially important for us. Salt is a component of washing powder and other detergents. It is also used in cosmetics.

The choice of salt depends on the individual needs of the producer.

Evaporated salt is fine, uniform and of white color. It is obtained in the process of evaporation and crystallization of brine. In the production process evaporated salt is cleansed of most micronutrients naturally found in seams of salt. Its advantage is the lack of sediment, when dissolved in water.

Rock salt contains many valuable natural chemical elements. Rock salt mining is based on traditional methods. Salt is subjected to mechanical treatment - crushing and grinding and then sorting. Due to this method the obtained salt is in a wide range of graining as it can be both fine and coarse grained.